Mary Katrine + Ty : Georgia Freight Depot Love Tale

Earlier this year Mary Katrine and Ty tied the knot and I got invited!
Ty is in a band and Mary Katrine at the time was sorority girl at The University of Georgia and the two appeared to be complete opposites, but as the saying goes, "Opposites Attract". 
The two met after a mutual friend set them up on Memorial Day five years ago and after a bumpy start and four years of long distance dating, faith would have it that five years later we bare witness to them becoming husband and wife.

The two celebrated their union at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot on the perfect day. The weather held up beautifully, family and friends started making their way to the venue and the two were filled with excitement. Only thing that was left them to do was to walk down the aisle and say, "I Do!"





Solid work, Gerome! These photos are beautiful!
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