Rolanda + Daniel : When A Seminole Loves a Gator!

So I went to DC!

I had the opportunity to take my talents to the nation's capital to capture the love between Rolanda and Daniel. Prior to their engagement session, I had the opportunity to accompany these two on a hot air ballon ride on the outskirts of D.C. and capture Daniel proposing to Rolanda the day before this session. Shooting around D.C. with these two was a pretty amazing experience especially since they had an entourage with them, both had family and close friends fly in to celebrate with them.

Back story on these two and how I ended up in DC with them. Daniel happens to be an alumni of the greatest university ever, The Florida State University (FSU), home of the Seminoles and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. and Rolanda happens to be an alumni of the University of Florida and member of Alpha  Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Daniel and I attended FSU at around the same time, but never officially met, he was graduating while I was starting my undergraduate career. During the course of my undergraduate studies, my circle of friends somehow ended up being his circle of friends and we ended becoming friends ourselves. Throughout our friendship, he has seen my work and little did I know became a fan and five years later I'm in DC capturing his love story. 

Here are some of my favorite from their engagement session and as alway GO SEMINOLES! 


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