Courtney + Brandon | The Reason I Smile! | Midtown | Atlanta, GA

Sometimes luck and faith are in my favor and with Courtney and Brando it definitely was one of those very few times. I met Courtney in Tallahassee during my senior year at FSU through some mutual friends. How exactly we met is still a blur to the both of us, but somehow we met. After we  graduated and adulthood started giving use both a run for our money, we lost contact with one another and seven years later I get a random call from a frantic bride to be at the airport wanting to book me for her wedding after her initially photographer backed out. Safe to say it was a welcomed surprise to me during our initial conversation when she said, "I went to FAMU and I feel like I know you." That's the short version of the long story.

These two are literally the perfect fit for each other. Their personalities and goofiness perfectly mesh with each other. They are like the missing piece to each other's puzzle. Taking their very last minute engagement/save the date pictures was a task in itself, but a very enjoyable one.

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